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06/06/15 To 15/06/15

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London is the crown jewel of the United Kingdom and is considered by many to be the culture capital of the world. Although some may argue against such a claim, her global cultural dominance and influence cannot be denied. This photogenic city is the largest city in Britain and Europe; in fact, the sheer scope and size of this city lead many to believe it is a country in its own right. London is a diverse city housing more than 300 nationalities which have all helped to mold the cultural landscape of this city.

London has the typical four seasons with attractions and events that compliment them. Spring is from March to May and those planning on visiting during this time will find that some tourist attractions do not open until Easter weekend. Summer finds its peak from June through September in time for nature lovers who can appreciate gardens in full bloom. October and November are the autumn months that bring with them the colorful palette of Fall. The winter period covers the remaining months with snow being uncommon but still occurring. Regardless of the season, one should always prepare for rain. Though it does not rain every day it is always advised to prepare for light precipitation- and never be stopped by it. Besides four seasons, London has four divisions that make for interesting and varied touring as well.

North London is hilly and has quite a number of large parks for enjoyment and relaxation. London’s West End is the main shopping and entertainment district with major theaters and shops found therein. London’s elite and wealthy live in this region. East London is home to the very interesting London markets. South London is the city’s multicultural hub and is the home of Wimbledon. London has the largest non-white population of any European city which makes it possible for any tourist to eat and shop his way around the world.

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