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06/06/15 To 15/06/15

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This large Nordic country of 25 provinces offers you cultural heritage, festivals, nature, good housing, relaxing holidays, a sense of beauty, old traditions and new innovations. Picnicking in the countryside, snowboarding in the Alps, cycling through lush pastoral fields, dining at ground-breaking restaurants, cruising the urban centers for everything hip are some of the reasons why you should visit this country.

Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe and is home to over 9 million inhabitants who know how to work, how to play and how to live as evidenced by their long average lifespan. Sweden provides an endless list of things to do that range from sunning on the beach to traversing Arctic wildernesses. Depending on the time of your visit, you can enjoy endless sunshine, literally. The sun does not go down in Kiruna in July 1. Sweden is a country of peace- they have not had a war since the 19th century, and you will experience it immediately. Sweden prizes peace and awards those who contribute to it with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Sweden is one of the most egalitarian countries in the world with an equitable system of income distribution and public services, making it a great place to work and live- and visit.

Northern Sweden’s vast alpine landscape is home to the Swedish Lapland, Europe’s last remaining wilderness. The Swedish coastline is dotted with thousands of small islands of varying landscapes, steep cliffs, rolling hills, and calm lakes that provide endless amusement for the watersport enthusiast. Central Sweden, the heartland, is a place of striking natural beauty. Stockholm, the region’s pearl, takes center-stage in Sweden’s cultural and political life. Here, touring spots abound. Those desiring city-life can choose from Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. All three cities share an abundance of parks, places of culture, forests, sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes, a wealth of shopping, and a host of dining options. Southern Sweden offers a surprising and unique treat to tourists: people watching. 80% of the country’s population lives in the Southern area with its pastoral, rolling countryside and temperate climate. Sweden’s climate is as diverse as its people. Planning your trip and your location will depend on the type of weather you desire to experience.

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