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06/06/15 To 15/06/15

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Germany is considered one of the best countries to visit on account of its great diversity and ability to change. There are several other good reasons why a visit is worthwhile: the country’s multi-national diversity, its modern approach, the quality of life, the excellent value for money, and the rich cultural legacies, traditions and offerings. Germans have a sense of curiosity and it is evident everywhere.

With 137,847 square miles and 83 million residents, Germany is Europe’s largest economy and second most populous nation. She neighbors 6 countries: Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Berlin is the nation’s capital and largest city with Hamburg and Munich being next. What does this country have to offer? Rich, natural beauty, contrasting landscapes, endless culture, big city buzz, rustic charm, famous architecture, historic sites, medieval houses, or a scintillating nightlife- there is something for everyone in Germany’s towns and cities, of which there are more than 10,000. And each one has a charm all of its own. Germany’s history is long and impactful, but worth exploring- and Germans love to show and tell. There are no fewer than 36 places in Germany on the UNESCO World Heritage list. They range from historical buildings and cathedrals of industry to exceptional natural landscapes and even entire towns.

The people of Germany love nothing more than getting together and celebrating in traditional style during carnival season, at wine festivals, at the Oktoberfest and other beer festivals, or during music festivals from classical to rock – all helped along by great food and dizzying beverages. Traveling around the country you see that Germans enjoy speed- which is expected for the first cars were developed here over 125 years ago. German cars are internationally recognized for their high quality and innovation. They also represent the heritage and ingenuity of the country. Germany is not only rich in memorable experiences but also offers excellent quality at fair prices. Make use of their superb infrastructure to combine exciting city trips, outstanding shopping tours, relaxing wellness breaks, thrilling sporting excursions and top-notch gastronomy. Experience unforgettable holiday highlights with great value for your money.

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