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Custom Travel Services with Romanian Connections LLC

At Romanian Connections LLC we recognize that the travel marketplace is constantly changing. Yet as it changes daily, many factors remain the same. Our Agency has over ten years of experience supporting travel programs and we can make a difference in yours.

If you have been booking your travel over the Internet because online travel sites charge a low or minimal fee, you are not actually saving money. The value of a comprehensive travel agency greatly exceeds any savings based on transaction fees. Our travel consultants regularly save you, our clients thousands of dollars a year in by booking direct in the airlines systems and checking for the lowest possible fares daily.

Using a travel Agent:
Your can make air, car and hotel reservations as well as any cruises and vacation packages, all in a few minutes. No wasting precious time on the internet checking multiple websites for the best deal.

Our travel consultants will look at all options and get the best fares. Travel agencies are your only source of unbiased information. We work hard to get the best value for your travel dollar.

We’re there when your flight has been delayed or canceled. Don’t be caught in a strange place with no one to turn to!

Still sure you want to just book online? Then consider, which allows you to book online, but the ticketing is done by us, travel policy compliance is enforced. Save money using our specific airline contracts with all major carriers, and enjoy all the benefits above.

We offer you the lowest fares, every time. Our travel consultants provide full support for all your travel needs and make life easier for you as the traveler.

Contact our travel professionals today at 404.246.4690 to see how we can benefit your travel



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