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How do I book online?

To make a booking online, simply enter the cities and the dates in our simple search form. You can choose one way, Round trip or Multicity options depending on the flights you wish to make. Enter the number of adults, children and infants and follow the easy instructions.

What you mean by a Booking/Reservation is made?

A booking or reservation made means you have shown an interest to fly on a particular flight and are holding a seat on the selected flight. The booking reference will detail the number of passengers, class of travel and other details of the flight.

What is booking status?

If the seats are available the booking will show that the reservation is confirmed. If the seats are not available we do accept some bookings on waitlist. You need to contact Romanian Connections offices to request the waitlist option. Waitlisted reservations are not a guarantee of a seat, you are just waiting for the airline to confirm the space. A confirmed booking may be cancelled by our reservation system if you fail to purchase the ticket within the time limit prescribed in accordance with the ticketing rules.

Do I need to reconfirm my reservations?

You do not need to reconfirm your bookings. However, please provide your local contact details, and help us to serve you better in the unfortunate event of flight schedule disruption. A mobile number in your record will help us to communicate through Short Messaging Service or SMS.

What if I just want to obtain flight schedules without making a reservation?

If a schedule change occurs you will automatically receive and e-mail for one of our agents.  Always however, feel free to send us an e-mail with your request to travel@roconnections.com or call at (404)246-4690.

How far in advance can I book a flight?

You can book a flight up to 330 days in advance. Flights beyond 330 days are not stored in the reservations system.

Can I pre-reserve or select my seat?

We will try to accommodate your seat request as much as possible, but please note : Not all flights are available for online seat assignment. Policies on advanced seating vary by airline. Some airlines assign seats immediately, others may only assign seats 90 days before the flight, and several airlines wait to assign seats until the day of the flight. For special seat assignments, such as seats for travelers with special needs, please call the airline directly. Special seat requests may override frequent flyer and full price, unrestricted fare premium seating requests.

How do I request special meals or assistance?

Some of the special services such as meals and assistance can be requested on line at the time you make your booking. If you are not able to do so online you can contact our customer service department at 404.246.4690 or you can call the airline directly.

Can I choose to have a paper or E-ticket?

We are required to issue electronic tickets where eligible. However sometimes a ticket cannot be issued electronically and we must issue paper tickets due to the combination of airlines or destination.
There are additional fees associated with issuing a paper ticket. he fees cover the additional costs associated with the processing and handling of a paper ticket and ensure you receive your ticket in time for your trip. The airline may assess an additional airline-imposed paper ticket fee ranging from $50.00 to $100.00 per paper ticket if e-ticketing is available. Please note paper tickets are not always available.

Can I get a refund? (Partial/full/fees/medical/bereavement)

Each ticket has specific rules and regulations in regards to refunds. Please check the rules for the fare that you have purchased. You can contact our customer service department for detailed information about your fare. Some general information: Airline tickets are non-transferable. Once issued the only person that can use that ticket or any resulting credit from that ticket is the passenger whose name appears on the reservation. Any refunds, if eligible must be processed before the original travel date. Airline tickets are not eligible for partial refunds. (e.g. if you use the first portion of the ticket, the remaining legs cannot be refunded) If a ticket is refundable, there is a fee of $100.00 to process the refund in addition to the airlines fees. For any waivers or special cases there is a fee of $50.00 per ticket imposed to process refunds.

Can I hold a reservation?

The airfare that you see online is instant purchase and cannot be held. If you need to hold a reservation you may contact one of our live agents at 404.246.4690 to Make a reservation, however a service fee will apply.

Do I need travel insurance?

With trip insurance, you may be able to recoup the cost of tickets or penalties if you must cancel due to an unanticipated event, such as an injury or sickness. Additionally, trip insurance provides emergency assistance while you are on vacation.
Some examples of covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption include illness, injury or death of you, a family member or traveling companion; traffic accident en route to departure; a documented theft of passports or visas; mandatory evacuation; terrorism; and your home made uninhabitable by hurricane or natural disaster.

How do I book multiple flights or stopovers?

To make reservations for flights with more than one destination or a stopover, please choose the «multi-destination» option at the beginning of your search.

How do I contact you in case of an emergency?

Our telephone and chat lines are open from 9am – 7pm EST. You can call us at 404.246.4690. Our emails are constantly verified.

Why did I have a schedule change on my flight?

Airlines change their schedules periodically to keep up with demand of certain routes. This is unavoidable. If there is a change in schedule we will notify you and try to re-accommodate your original travel plans to the best of our ability. We are limited to what the airline offers us. Please reconfirm your flight directly with the airline to ensure any last minute changes have not affected your schedule.

How do I make changes to my reservation?

Every airfare has a different set of rules. Changes must be made before the departure date on your ticket. Please check with us by calling 404.246.4690 for the specific rules of your ticket. Or email us at travel@roconnections.com and please include the reservation number, the new dates that you are requesting.

How soon should I check in for a flight?

For domestic flights the recommended time is 2 hours and for international flights 3 hours. Some airlines have their own specific check in times, so it is advised that you contact the carrier directly for their recommended check-in time.

What special visa or travel document will I need?

Please contact the respective Consulate for any Visa or Entry requirements. Each country has different entry requirements based on your nationality. Please know that it is your responsibility as the travelers to ensure that you have the right travel documents before you check-in. The Tickets may not be refundable if you are not allowed to travel due to lack of correct documentation.
Transit Visa – Many countries require a Visa if you are changing flights in that country. Please again ensure you have the right documents. Otherwise the airline may refuse to board you.
For detailed information on Visa requirements, please click on one of the links below: If you are a US citizen click here : http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/brochures/brochures_1229.html
If you are a citizen of any other country besides United States, click Here: http://www.projectvisa.com/



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